Welcome to African House!

Africa is a continent rich in artistic expression, and we are proud to share its cultural heritage with you! Among the products we offer is a colourful variety of African arts and crafts: accessories and decorations for your home, baskets, bags, jewellery etc. – all of African origin. and traded under the principles of fair trade. That means that the artists in the so called third world countries are paid a fair price for their products enabling them to make a living for their families. Our aim is to contribute to minimizing the gap between the rich countries and the so-called developing countries.

Besides, we offer African foodstuffs and specialities for African cooking, such as flours, beans, palm oils, dried fish and much more.

We have a great variety of afro-cosmetics: skin and hair products, accessories and synthetic hair pieces. Our skin care products include, for instance, cocoabutter, sheabutter, natural oils as coconut oil, aloe vera and castor oil, as well as the popular African Black Soap. Among our wide range of hair care products we have a separate Curly-Girl-friendly category for products without silicone, sulphate and other harsh ingredients. Look out for products marked with  CG-friendly  if you follow the CG-method. 

Put your items in the shopping cart, and we will deliver to a pick-up point near you or directly to your home. Delivery takes approx. 2-4 days. For deliveries outside Denmark the delivery time can be longer. You can pay with Dankort, MasterCard and Visa. All prices are shown incl. VAT. If you like too see the prices in euro, you just go to the top of the page and change the currency. 

We hope you like the webshop. Have fun and enjoy your shopping!

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