Africa's Best Ultimate Originals Cocoabutter & Sheabutter Body Cream

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Ultimate Originals Cocoabutter & Sheabutter Moisturizing Body Cream, 227 g Quickly penetrates skin with a superior blend of natural ingredients that are essential to smoothing rough areas like knees, feets, heels, elbows and hands, leaving your skin feeling velvety, smooth, nourished and with a beautiful glow.

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Mine is not a review per say but a query. I'm seeing two versions of this product: Ultimate Organics cocoa butter and shea butter moisturising body cream. Then there's the Ultimate Originals cocoa butter and shea butter moisturising body cream. Is there a difference between these two? Or is one an original another a duplicate? Which is which? I will be grateful for your response Answer: A very relevant question. - It seems that the brand name has changed from Organics to Originals. Check it shows the new name Africa's Best Originals. However. it takes time before the old stock has been replaced with new products that carry the new name. Until then, both names will be in use. :-)

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